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Weight Management


Lets Get Started! 

It has taken a lifetime to lead you to where you are right now! The elements contributing to your dissatisfaction with your weight are likely hidden within your life story! We want to work with you to not only help meet your health goals but also to sustain them! At our first visit, you will meet with one of our FNP's to get down to the nitty gritty! Our goal is to provide a safe environment so you feel comfortable letting us into your world! Once in, we can help to work with you to take down the barriers which have prevented lasting success in the past. We will take the first visit to create a personalized plan of attack! If medications are included in your plan, we will work with you to facilitate the best method of administration. Monthly follow up checks will allow us the opportunity to keep tabs on your progress and to make adjustments as indicated

On the Scales

Weight Loss Intake 

During this initial visit you will get to know one of our two FNP's, Amber or Erin, at either our Veazie or Old Town office. We will review you past medical history, weight history and goals moving forward.  We will work together to develop an individualized plan that will result in lasting success! 

Please inquire about ZOOM visits if interested!

On the Scales
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Weight Loss Monthly Follow-up

We look forward to meeting with you monthly to review your progress and make adjustments as necessary. 

Please inquire about ZOOM visits if interested!

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